Welcome to The Hamptons of McLean

Architectural Request

Additional documentation such as blueprints may be required by the committee. Approval by the committee means that your proposed change fits the aesthetics of the community. It does not mean that the community certifies structural integrity. You may need a building permit and inspection for certain changes to your home.

I (we), the applicant(s) herein, certify and represent as follows:

  1. I (we) are the legal owner(s) of the above described unit.
  2. The work, if approved, will be done promptly and properly by appropriately licensed contractors if necessary.
  3. I (we) accept and acknowledge that the responsibility for maintaining, upkeeping, etc. of the improvement/change shall solely be mine (ours), successors, assigns and subsequent property owners.
  4. All work and the consequences thereof are solely at our risk and expense. We understand and hold the Condominium and the Board of Directors harmless on account of any consequences resulting from this approval, if granted.
  5. Certain changes may affect the site plan, final survey or Certificate of Occupancy at my (our) unit and the Consequences thereof are solely at my (our) risk.
  6. No representation by the Condominium or the Board, either expressed or implied, is assumed hereby.